6 thoughts on “Hacked By Imam

  1. Bob, who are these plebs that don’t know how to use apostrophes? Are they the same ones that say things like /face palm or /flips table?

  2. I get the apostrophe for what’s missing, but what is confusing is the possessive part. Like Kinko’s… Could maybe the ’80s own the night? And can you have two apostrophes in the same word?

      1. No. You could NOT say something like “The ’80s’ worst musical legacy was Journey.” because that’s not even wrong. You can’t tell me Don’t Stop Believin’ doesn’t stir you in some small way. I was listening to Slapshot, the Misfits, and Agnostic Front but still got goosebumps at Separate Ways. End Rant.

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