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  1. Oh genie, oh genie, if it please you so *poof* thy Government should limit the reach of corporations into government via the lobbyist and campaign contributes and any and all forms of enrichment, government should not be allowed to use private entities as tools to watch over its supposed private citizens via social media manipulation. Or impose insane illegal mandates at the risk of public health like what just happen the COVID miRNA/vaccine. If we can just move the hierarchy out of the way, real back to earth progress will happen kinda like inventions from back yard scientist, and then clean real progress and sustainable innovation will start to pop up like daisies in a field. And that’s the real beauty in grass roots know how.

  2. Hey, I just saw your post at LA Metroblogging about being manhandled at Bar Sinister.. I was assaulted by their security guard, later detained and battered by him. I was the one who got in trouble being convicted for disturbance of peace after that. I’m going to print that page and send it to the City Attorney’s office, these people are dangerous for those who comes there.

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