The Kelly Affair - The Angels Made Me Do It

The Angels Made Me Do It

(Listen here: The Kelly Affair – The Angels Made Me Do It)

Held at bay by scruples
Perceived, in truth, as fear
Received as faithless angels
Plucking heartstrings, disappear.

But she hasn’t offered, yet
To defend your innocence
Given half a chance, still
She wouldn’t offer.

Too afraid of heights to fall
Too drunk on dreams to breathe at all
Recall, recall; decisions left to make, so crawl.
You’re left as half a man, is all.

Sick on feigned and failed causes
Raw as all the faces drawn
Tied up, cocooned in misery
The right choice bleeds as well as wrong.

Lyrics © Robert Glen Fogarty, 1995

Performed by The Kelly Affair in 1995

Dave Lally: Bass
Matthew Clark: Drums
Rick Nitz: Guitar
Robert Glen Fogarty: Choking Obstructive Sleep Apnea Vocals
Mimi Tolva Wallman: Tsunami Maelstrom Mountain-Leveling Vocals

[Photo by Radio-Craft, January 1948]

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