The Entropath

The Entropath

(Listen here: Double Odd Buck – The Entropath)

Who’s been throwing around my head?
Brain’s so beat-up, it never ends.
I think these three thoughts, they’re:
“No,” “might,” “maybe.”
Since it began, I’m entropy.

Forget about hands around my neck,
My pillow’s strangling me, instead.
Must hold my own if I’m to be disowned.
I had my way, but I gave it away.
Sold on my goal to suffocate…
…Or so I thought. I hesitated.
Hesitate, hesitate.
Eyes stuck still in their big, black holes —
And I wait.

I’m free to take control, and I wait.
Buildings and lives and lies evaporate.
Relying on self control, so I wait.
Towns and tombs and truths disintegrate.

Who could ever count the dreams I’ve killed?
The self-defeating moments I’ve let live?
One of these days I’ll breathe, but I don’t know.
One of these days I’ll kick, but I don’t know.
I don’t know.

Lyrics © Robert Glen Fogarty, 1994

Performed by Double Odd Buck for Liberty Park Recordings, 1994

Eric Kmiec: Bass
Mike Hanyzewski: Guitar
Tim Albert: Drums
Robert Glen Fogarty: Vocals

[Photo by Yuliya Libkina]

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