4 thoughts on “Cafe Delano: Creep in the Cellar

  1. I went there last night. Waiter was nice…but um, absolutely zero wheelchair accessible tables. They’re all bar height. I had to eat off a stool. I was just hungry enough and the food sounded good. (Chicken breast tasted frozen though). I’m about to contact the owners about the ADA violation.

  2. It must not have lasted too long since it has not been open for the last seven or eight days and no one answers the phone. It is a place that should go out of business when it won’t even answer the phone with anything but a mailbox.

    1. I noticed that, too! But the ugly chalk graffiti scrawled on the outside wall still proudly proclaimed that the place was open in spite of the locked doors and darkness inside — a great way to attract repeat customers! I guess they’re handing out business diplomas at clown college now for people with lots of money and very little common sense.

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