A Pledge to the Lemons

A Pledge to the Lemons

My commitment to what the kids call “blogging” is unfaithful and sporadic (obvious to anyone taking note of the hunormous gaps between entry dates here). Even since childhood, attempts at keeping a regular journal of daily events — whether or not life’s been exciting — have escaped me. I overscrutinize everything I write, and it’s really cramped what should be a more natural flow.

What I’m going to try and do, instead, is make this more of a space for spontaneous outbursts likely pertinent to no one but myself — an exercise in writing gibberish, if you will.

This may hurt a little. Avert your eyes if you only like pretty things, my fellow mortals!

[Photo by Kit]

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Sometimes I'll take the wrong bus just to get out of the cold for a little while.

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