California Navels: Tonight!

California Navels: Tonight!

My friend Loud Louisa runs a ’20s – ’30s-themed speakeasy on Sunday nights, and The California Navels will be playing tonight! So if you’re not up to anything already, come on down! Straight from the dame’s mouth (well, fingers, I guess, since she typed it all out):

The Bank
3 of Clubs
1123 N. Vine
Hollywood, California

It’s Memorial weekend! Rob a bank (not ours), fill your flask, roll your stockings, find your best hat, and come on out to dance the night away!

This week, The California Navels will be performing their novelty and popular music from the 1920s and ’30s, along with original tunes that sound like they were written in the 1920s and ’30s… [here’s their MySpace page, since all the kids seem to dig it these days.]

Don’t be a piker! Come out and play. We know you don’t have to work on Monday!

DJ Algonquin will be turning tunes all night. I, Loud Louisa, will be throwing out dead soldiers and we’ll all be dancing ’til the doors close.

Psst! And the password, so you can get in for $3 instead of $5, is Gas-House Gables.

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