Ahoy, World!

Ahoy, World!

I’m finally trying to do something with my site. Rather than clearing out the cobwebs, I figured I’d just tear the whole damned thing down and start from scratch.

I’m hoping WordPress will make updates a little more frequent and keep me from disappearing from the planet for years at a time. Please stay tuned!

[Photo by Staci Peters-Fogarty]

About Robert Glen Fogarty

Sometimes I'll take the wrong bus just to get out of the cold for a little while.

3 comments on “Ahoy, World!

  1. yeah, well…. you and i both disappear from the interveb for years at a time.. then come back and SWEAR we won’t do it again…. and then two years later we’re saying we’re back and it just turns into a bad repetition after that.

    hope you’re doing well!

    love always,

    — D.

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